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Only Four Days Left! Leave a Comment!!!!

Only FOUR days left to leave a comment to impact Zimbabwe!! For every comment received up until midnight on Christmas Eve, I will donate $1 to Forgotten Voices International – to help their efforts of partnering with local churches to provide care and provision to AIDS orphans in Zimbabwe.

Thanks so much to everyone who has left comments so far! You guys rock :) We’ve got 31 comments so far (plus a few more from Facebook). That’s enough to send these two kids to school for a year! How awesome is that?!

Now 31 comments is great and all but, I can donate $30 on my own. The point of this is for you to CHALLENGE me to give more than I normally would. And, so that YOU will be a part of what FVI is doing – and maybe that you would be moved and want to get more involved. So, get commenting! Got a question about my trip? Wanna share a story about someone you know who has been impacted by AIDS? Have you ever been to Africa? What’s the best Christmas present you’ve ever given or received? Wanna talk about your cat? I don’t care, go ahead! :) You don’t have to compliment me, or my photographs – just leave me a comment to let me know you were here and that you care enough about AIDS orphans in Zimbabwe to take 1 minute out of your busy day to leave a comment! It won’t hurt, I promise ;-)

jessica says:

questions in the posts are helpful, gives more thinking material for comments =)

jessica says:

I’ve never been to Africa… your pictures and descriptions give Zimbabwe a face to me, in a clearer way than any news story

jessica says:

scroll down to photo #21

… i wonder what it felt like to be a photojournalist then?

jessica says:

I don’t have a cat… husband is allergic. Yours are pretty cute though. Wait, how many do you have?

jessica says:

My college roommate (and bridesmaid) spent a summer in Peru teaching English at an orphanage for kids whose parents died of AIDS… she wanted to teach them an English song, but the only song she had on her ipod with clear audible words that wasn’t too fast was “Bad Day”… so they all learned that song.

jessica says:

she said that what made her most sad was that even though there were many local volunteers there to care for the kids and to provide for them, they still had reservations about holding, hugging, playing with the kids for fear of contagion.

jessica says:

How long was the journey to Zimbabwe? Door-to-door? This week I’ll be flying to Singapore… that’s a 30-hr trip door-to-door. I bet Zimbabwe is farther!

jessica says:

After taking Gross Anatomy, I know for a fact that under the skin, we truly are all alike. With minor exceptions, our muscles, nerves, blood vessels, bones are all in the same predictable places. Even though we all kind of know that human bodies are human bodies and we must be the same since we function the same way… it still amazes me how similar we are at the core of our physical nature… and how similar we are at the core of our spiritual nature too.

jessica says:

Last one for now… you should put up some more posts in the next few days! It’s more fun to comment on multiple posts than to ramble on in response to one post. =)

jessica says:

Okay I lied, here’s one more for extra credit…

I suggested some more posts for ppl to comment on, and here is one more selfish suggestion… you could do a post on… trash the dress sessions… ;) haha!

Anonymous says:

Your journey is inspiring :)

Anonymous says:

i love how jessica left a tonnn of comments… heres my comment.. i love you and your passion for others

Orchard Cove Photography says:

Hello! I am commenting :) Hope you are doing well! A year ago we were at Boot Camp! Just today I went through my Quickbooks from the year re-categorizing things and being more specific….finances can be so fascinating!

Rachael Deeds says:

This is awesome! What a risk!

Rachael Deeds says:

What determination!

Rachael Deeds says:

Keep on truckin.

Rachael Deeds says:

Last one. I like to do things in sevens. It’s an OCD thing. ;D

saji says:

hi krista! jessica sent me here to leave a comment.. i’m challenged that you have a heart for africa. how can I not have a heart for zimbabwe too! michael

Krista Photography says:

WOW! Now that's what I'm talkin' about! You guys are awesome! :)

– Jessica – first of all, I love you :)
– secondly, that photo makes me cringe.
– I have 2 cats – Ozzy & Harriett. They're bengals.
– Door to door, the trip was like 2 days. But we spent the night in South Africa. I'm thinking Singapore will be farther…
– TTD sessions, huh? why? ;) Coming soon, my friend, coming soon!

– Amanda – yay for Boot Camp! And thanks for the reminder – I need to go through my finances and figure out the plan for next year… We need a Boot Camp Reunion!!!

Liz says:

Krista, I love what you are doing and your heart for Africa. I think often of my time in South Africa and am so thankful you are tangibly doing something for the people you saw there! We miss you in Chicago, but thanks for sharing your heart and letting us get a glimpse of what each day brings in the Boston life of Krista :)

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