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Back from Vacation!


Well, I have finally returned from my road trip to the Midwest!  It was a very fun vacation, with a little work thrown in to the mix!  Here’s a quick recap…

Drove with my sister & her 3 kids (ages 3-7) from Boston to Niagara Falls.

Came down with bronchitis.

Visited my old synchronized swimming coach who was coaching at Nationals nearby.  The only other times I’ve been to Niagara Falls is when I’ve been to synchro meets!  (yes, I was a synchronized swimmer & coach for 15 years!)

Visited Niagara Falls and went on the Maid of the Mist for the first time!  Very cool – and very wet!!

Vacation July 2010

Vacation July 2010

Drove with Kyla & the kids from Niagara Falls to Columbus, OH.

are we there yet?  are we there yet?

Visited lots of Kyla’s friends in Columbus, ate lots of Graeter’s Ice Cream.  yum!

Drove with Kyla & the kids from Columbus to Mom & Dad’s house in Indianapolis.

cough.  cough.  nap.  cough.  whine.

Fireworks on the White River for Independence Day!

Vacation July 2010

Watched a lot of the Tour de France with my Dad.

Visited with some old college friends & their babies.

Pool party.  boat rides.  playground.  Did I mention bronchitis?  doctor’s office.   sprinkler park.  water park.

Brother-in-law arrived.  Kids excited because “now we’re a family!”

Drove with the whole fam up to Monticello, IN for Guenin Family Vacation 2010!  25 of my favorite Guenins vacationing it up for 3 glorious days :)  Lots of baseball and swimming in the pool, and Euchre, and food, and more boat rides!

Vacation July 2010

Visited a dairy farm.  Almost saw a cow give birth.  scarred for life.

Drove all by my lonesome to Chicago.

Ate at some of my favorite restaurants with some of my favorite girls!

Photo shoot.  Photo shoot.

Drive back to Indy.

Nephew’s 7th Birthday extravaganza!  Star Wars.  Toy Story 3.  repeat.

Got caught on the boat in the POURING rain.

Photo shoot.

Drove solo from Indy to Columbus to Rochester, NY to Woburn, MA.


It sure was FUN!  And super exhausting ;)  I would share more photos, but I think my clients need me to get back to work after all this time off!  Back to editing I go…  :)


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