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My first Red Sox Game!


One of my best friends was just in town for a few days for a family reunion that I got to photograph.  Later that week they all headed down to Boston for a Red Sox – Indians game and invited me along.  I’d never been to a Red Sox game and never been to Fenway, so I was pretty excited to go!  When we were younger, Marietta got me into the Braves and I followed them for years… until they traded David Justice to the Indians and I decided it just wasn’t worth caring about a team if the owners were just going to split them up!  I mean, jeez!  (Clearly, I’m more of a people person than a team person)  So, I’m not really a fan of any sports team anymore – though I always root for the Ohio State Buckeyes, and occasionally the Colts.  But I’m fascinated by sports fans and am always up for people-watching at a game & hanging out with friends :)

Austin got a little sleepy on the walk to the park.   You’ll notice he & his Daddy are Indians fans.  That’ll happen when you’re from Ohio…

Red Sox vs. Indians

That baby is too cute!

Red Sox vs. Indians

Me & “Mommy”

Red Sox vs. Indians

I pretty much just want to kiss those cheeks all the time!

Red Sox vs. Indians

Fenway did not disappoint!

Family Reunion Photos

The only part of the game that I even remember was this huge fight that broke out when the Indians pitcher hit a guy with the ball, like for the 3rd time…

Red Sox vs. Indians

Just for fun, here’s a few photos of Marietta & I over the years…. hehe :]

Marietta & I met doing synchronized swimming.  Our first routine was a duet we swam together.  We were pretty cute, huh?  (~1987)

Me & Mar 198?

My first professional baseball game!  Rooting for the Braves at Cincinnati (1994)

Me+Mar at a game

And here we are now…  Times have definitely changed, but it’s so wonderful to have friends who have known you for most of your life!!!

Red Sox vs. Indians

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welcome to Boston Krista :)

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