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Earlier this year, Constant Contact (the company I use to send out newsletters) interviewed me about how I use social media.   Apparently, they found my “strategy” really exciting and interesting – which came as quite a surprise to me.   I use a hodge podge of social media resources including Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, this blog, my website, emails via Constant Contact, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and just about anything I find.  I probably use Facebook more than anything else though.  I love Facebook – I love being able to connect with old friends, friends who live far away, friends I see all the time, friends I might never hear from again if it weren’t for the site, old clients, new clients, other photographers, my Mom, and all sorts of friends, family & business associates in between.  I love that I can know what’s going on in their lives and feel closer to them, like I know them a little better (and vice versa).  And I LOVE that I can share photos with my clients, with their friends, with my friends & their friends, and so on.  And of course, I love that my friends & their friends can see my work and maybe they’ll think of me when they need a photographer :)  I’ve also booked work because people have seen my photos of their friends, or because my friends recommended me to someone b/c of what they’d seen on fb.  It’s pretty cool!  I mean, it takes some time, but I’d probably be spending that time on fb anyway… at least this way I’ve got work as an excuse ;)

Anyway, Constant Contact recently did a study on small businesses’ use of Facebook and found that most small business owners believe Facebook is even more important than face to face marketing.  Well, Reuters found out about the results, and wanted to do an article – so they called to see if I’d mind being interviewed!  Naturally, I agreed!  I mean, how cool is that?!  You want to interview me about why I love Facebook?  Um, ok!  They even asked me to take a photo of myself at my desk to use with the article, haha!  Check it out…

Screen shot 2010-12-01 at 4.35.45 PM

I think the article turned out great!  It’s still a little crazy to me, but it’s definitely cool!   You can read the full article here :)  And of course, you can always find me on Facebook here… ;)

Amie says:

Great article – very much agree that Facebook is an invaluable tool for small businesses. Way to go!

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