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Better late than never…


Well, where do I start? First of all, Hi! I’m CoCo, Krista Photography’s first ever Associate Photographer! Woohoo! That’s me – ain’t I creepy!?


In addition to fetching the occasional Chai Latte, designing albums, keeping in touch with clients and *trying* to run the show while Krista has been out of town, my cohort Amy and I have come up with a plan…. That’s her down there, isn’t she cute??


Anyways, THE PLAN. The better late than never plan to blog the 23, that’s right t-w-e-n-t-y  t-h-r-e-e beautiful couples that we have neglected over I’m not even going to say how much time. It’s not that we don’t love you!! We do! Promise! And these weddings and people are so pretty and lovely and awesome! Regardless of when they were shot. But you know how these things go, you get “a little” behind, then that becomes “a lot” behind then that becomes “A LOT” behind. We are not proud of this… BUT we have a plan! So here’s the deal:

EVERY week, for TWENTY THREE weeks, I, with the help of Amy, will be posting about a new couple: showcasing their engagement, wedding, and details for your viewing pleasure. So keep checking back with us on Monday Wednesday and Friday for some absolutely beautiful pictures! Or maybe just to make sure I’m still doing my job ;)

And remember it’s better late than never, pay no attention to the date or season… just focus on the LOVE. And wish us luck!

We’ll see you for the first post, next Monday, December 10th!

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averie says:

good luck creepy coco!!!

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