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Taking our Plan one step further…


Well, hello there! I’m Amy. If you are one of Krista’s many amazing brides then you’ve probably “talked” with me over email. I am the one looking for vendor information and asking for your sweet stories about the day. Anyway, here’s what I look like for future reference. :)


For some reason Krista and CoCo thought I fit the bill when they were looking for help last Spring. Yeah, ME! Gotta be honest, it kind of felt like I won the lottery the day the Krista called to offer me the job! I mean, I take a thousand pictures of my two wild, but wonderful, little dum-dums (CoCo’s term – which I now LOVE).

Let’s digress for a moment to meet them… you know, since they are my REAL bosses in life and all… This is Noah. He’s very very TWO. He will eat almost anything and he LOVES football.


He also spends 93% of his awake time laughing. Big loud belly laughs.

And my almost-kindergartener (AHH!), Audrey. She loves Taylor Swift, dancing and her cowgirl boots.

fall mini-portrait sessions

fall mini-portrait sessions

As I was saying, I take a ridiculous number of pictures of my own little family and their friends. And the idea of working with REAL photographers was dreamy. But let’s be real here, I am a stay-at-home-mom/former social worker with ZERO experience in the world of professional photography. Good thing they liked me! :) So I came on board willing to do just about anything. I started with a little filing, runs to Target and Starbucks, a bit of organizing, some submissions for publication, and the like.

Oh, and I can’t forget about my cuddling with Harriett duties on the couch (aka – my desk). :)


So why, I’m sure you are wondering, am I introducing myself? Well, in our efforts to get this blog up to date I’ve been helping CoCo with the easy stuff, like picking images and listing vendors. Now that we are almost all caught up on weddings, we’ve decided to start blogging portrait sessions. That’s where I come in! Starting Wednesday we’ll be tossing a few portrait sessions in among the weddings. And those will be written by yours truly. :) EEK!!

So please come back Wednesday to meet sweet Baby Lane. She is ADORABLE and I can’t wait to share her newborn shoot with you! Happy Monday!

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AMY!!! Love this post! And love the Krista Photography team!! XO

Amy Panichella says:

Aww, thanks Carla!! The love is mutual! :) xo

Yay Amy!!!! We’re so lucky to have you on board!!!!! xoxo

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