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Forever Family Portraits


Forever Family

For those of you who know us here at Krista Photography, you know that giving back is a big part of our brand, and a big part of who we are!  It’s important to me that my talents and my business be used for a greater good, and not just to bless those who can actually afford to hire me.  Thankfully, I’ve got an awesome team of people working with me who share that desire!  So, we brainstormed together how me might reach our community, and we came up with Forever Family Portraits!  On Saturday, November 23rd, we will be offering FREE family portraits for adoptive families!!  After my experiences working at orphanages all over the world, and CoCo’s experiences with friends who have adopted, and Amy’s experience as a social worker – it just seemed like a perfect fit!  We all really believe that adopting a child into your life is one of the most generous things you can do, so we want to bless and encourage these special families by giving them a photograph to celebrate their “Forever Family!”

We are SUPER excited for this event, and cannot wait to meet some really amazing families, and have an awesome time shooting some portraits for them!  To sign up, or get more details about the event, check out the invite on Facebook, or register directly here.  Please help us spread the word!!

Lisa says:

Wow. Thank you so much for this opportunity Krista. It is an amazing gift, we’ve been wanting to do this for a long time now but it hasn’t been within our reach. Looking forward to meeting you and your team!

Awesome! Can’t wait to meet you and your family, Lisa!

Debbie Cormier says:

We pre-adopt fostered our daughter when she was 10 and adopted her when she was 11. This coming December 13th is our 10th anniversary as a forever family. To be honest, the social workers were very skeptical that she would make it. She was removed from her birth family at 2 years old due to severe neglect and abuse. From ages 2-7, she was in 5 different foster homes. They all couldn’t handle her tantrums and sent her back. One foster mother even abandoned her at the ER she brought her to because she was engaging in self-abuse. She lived for a short time in a pre-adoptive home, but they, like everyone else “returned” her. At that point when Jess was 7, DCF decided the only place for her was residential. We met her at a MARE adoption party at Fenway in 2001 when she was 9. The moment I saw her, I knew she was our daughter. Our social worker at the Home for Little Wanderers tried to talk us out of it, saying that she was too damaged and would probably never be able to live successfully in a family situation. She kept steering us towards other children, but we never stopped asking about Jessica. We fought for almost a year for the opportunity to meet her formally and start the pre-adoptive process. I can’t say it was easy. Her tantrums and self-abusive behavior were difficult. We would wrap her in a blanket and just hold her until she calmed down. There were some in-patient episodes, but she never believed we would come back for her. It took almost 2 years for her to really start believing us when we said there was a no-return policy in this family. She spent a year sleeping on the floor in our bedroom to make sure we were still there. Adolescence was a nightmare, including filing a CHINS and one episode that we allowed her to suffer the consequences of her bahavior and spend 2 weeks in DYS. But we never gave up. She graduated from high school in 2002. Jessica is now 21 and is engaged to a man she met at in Sunday school at our church. She lives with him, and he has custody of 2 children from a previous relationship. Jess is such a loving and patient “step-mother” to these children and we are SOOOO proud of her! If there was ever an adoptive success story, look at our family.

Debbie Cormier says:

Sorry – I mis-typed my email address. Our story being said, we would love to have a forever family anniversary portrait.

What an incredible story Debbie! We would love to photograph your family and meet you all! Please sign up here!

maureen quinn says:

We are interested in being a part of this….it sounds awesome. 781-275-2951

Great! To sign up, or get more details about the event, check out the event site –

Cayla says:

Hey Krista,
Well done.I salute you for this generous work.

Lisa says:

Looking forward to volunteering and helping out with this event!

Jessica Coolidge says:

Hi Krista and Amy,
This is just confirmatinib that I plan on volunteering for this event. Thank you for offering such a wonderful opportunity for so many families.

Jessica Coolidge

Kelly Cluett says:

I can help with check-in and will bring some food along.


Jane Holland says:

My husband was a professional news photographer, so we have great shots with the kids and I but not of us all together!!!! So great that you are offering….
Thank you, it is very much appreciated!!

(the above site is the blog to adopt our second child)

Sandy Arcuri says:

Thank you so much for the opportunity to have your talented team take pictures of our forever family. We are anxiously waiting for the pictures, can you tell me when I can expect to receive them?

Thanks again!

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