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2nd Annual Forever Family Portrait Day!



Our first Forever Family Portrait Day was such a success, we did it again.  :)  You will likely recognize MANY of these faces – we had a lot of repeat visitors (which we LOVE!) and repeat volunteers (who we ADORE!)

112914_D0554 112914_D0577 112914_D0579 112914_D0587 112914_D0589 112914_D0608 112914_D0614 112914_D0625 112914_D0634 112914_D0646 112914_D0653 112914_D0659 112914_D0667 112914_D0671 112914_D0686 112914_D0704 112914_D0720 112914_D0727 112914_D0742 112914_D0759 112914_D0784 112914_D0786 112914_D0795 112914_D0804 112914_D0829 112914_D0841 112914_D0849 112914_D0854 112914_D0866 112914_D0887 112914_D0893 112914_D0897 112914_D0919 112914_D0920 112914_D0948 112914_D0957 112914_D0964 112914_D0969 112914_D0986 112914_D0989 112914_D0998 112914_D1000 112914_D1015 112914_D1021 112914_D1025 112914_D1051 112914_D1059 112914_D1069 112914_D1079 112914_D1089 112914_D1103 112914_D1111 112914_D1117 112914_D1133 112914_D1142 112914_D1145 112914_D1170 112914_D1189 112914_D1194 112914_D1207 112914_D1224 112914_D1234 112914_D1260 112914_D1272 112914_D1279 112914_D1286 112914_D1346 112914_D1354 112914_D1379 112914_D1396 112914_D1407 112914_D1431 112914_D1441 112914_D1445 112914_D1486 forever families national adoption day portrait session

Huge thanks to the photographers who gave their time and talent (and equipment!) to help make this day such a success – Allana Taranto, Caroline Talbot, Barbara Bouchard, and Nadya Middleton – you ladies rock!

Stay tuned for information about our upcoming THIRD annual Forever Family Portrait Day!!!


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