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Steffanie & Phil — Downtown Boston Engagement Session by CoCo



Steffanie, Phil and I met up in downtown Boston on a GORGEOUS night. They had a bit of a stressful drive getting in, (yay Boston traffic!) so I really just wanted to make them feel comfortable, even though getting followed around by a weirdo with a camera isn’t exactly everyone’s first idea for a relaxing evening. ;)  So we walked, talked, they snuggled, I took some pictures and we really did have a great time getting to know each other. After all, that’s what engagement sessions are all about for us: Getting to know each other, getting you comfortable with the camera, and giving me time to figure out what makes you most comfortable, even if that means I have to crack some really lame jokes along the way…

So we walked around the Seaport chasing the dying light, and here’s a perfect illustration of my technique, it’s taken a very long time to master: “Go sit over there and snuggle!”

E1315_D0016-Edit E1315_D0038-Edit

That’s more like it!

E1315_D0039-Edit E1315_D0044-Edit E1315_D0053-Edit E1315_D0056-Edit

If you’re losing light amongst those tall buildings, just go to the water!


LOVE this!

E1315_D0077-Edit E1315_D0081-EditE1315_D0095-Edit

Twilight tie so we walked back to where we started and just had to hang with this gorgeous Janet Echelman sculpture “As If It Were Already Here.”


 The city of Boston was good enough to provide hammocks for the lovebirds, I was pleased.


E1315_D0107-Edit  E1315_D0117-Edit

See! Engagement sessions aren’t that bad! Who doesn’t love having me as a third wheel on a romantic date downtown?? Thank you, Steff & Phil for putting up with me, you killed it! Check out more on Facebook and follow along with all the pretty.


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