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New Kid Alert!


Hey there!

My name is Stephanie and I’m the newest intern at Krista Photography. I’ve only been here a few weeks, but so far the photographic world is looking pretty cool! A lot of troubleshooting and questioning our relationship with our precious technology, but yes, so far so good! But let me just tell you a little bit more about myself before we go on.

portrait, headshot

Ever since I could hold a crayon I had a curiosity for art. Any type of art – drawing, painting, playing with clay, making cards, creating beaded bracelets – I would do it all! To most of my friends and relatives, though, this was all just a “side hobby,” taking second place to my sports, for which they all thought I would get scholarships.  When I finally told them that I had decided to go to college for art. . . well, let’s just say there was some awkwardness in the air. After the initial shock, however, they all were more than accepting and supportive of my choice.

In 2014 I attended Salve Regina University in the beautiful town of Newport, Rhode Island. Yes, the place with all the gorgeous old mansions overlooking the ocean and the cliff walk. And yes, those views did make it hard to focus during long lectures about biology! But sadly we did not get to live in those beautiful mansions.

I started out with an interest in ceramics, but after a year of not so inspirational ceramics classes, I walked into my sophomore year with a newfound love for photography. Not knowing a whole lot about the medium, I accepted the new challenge.

Here are a few of my pieces from the past year!

Long exposure night photography around Newport, RI




Ventures in Studio Portraits,




A little bit of old school black and white 35 mm film,




And a little bit of charcoal drawings for fun,




About 2 months into my sophomore year at Salve I started to get a funny feeling in the pit of my stomach. This was not the right school for me. After numerous long nights of arguing with myself, I came to accept that I needed to change where I was in order to find my happiness. And so I did! Starting this fall I will be one of many new transfer students attending UMASS Lowell with a major in photography/studio art, and hopefully a minor in marketing.

Now, you may ask how I came upon Krista and her fabulous photography crew. Well, you can thank my mom for finding her listing on Indeed! After applying for the internship position, I wasn’t expecting to hear back, but good things come to those when they aren’t expecting it I guess! I’m still very new to the photography world and the business behind it, but I’m excited to learn and try new things! I’ve already helped assist with a few wedding excursions and learned a lot about the styles of the other photographers.

I’m not quite sure where my niche in photography is just yet, but I think I may be leaning toward the food styling side. I love cooking and baking and showing my work to my friends and family, so I think I can make something out of that! I’m willing to try at least.





Who knows, maybe someday you’ll see my photographs on the pages of Food Network Magazine or even my own cookbook!

Until then, I’ll be updating blog posts, carrying camera equipment, and doing numerous coffee runs!


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