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Welcome to my fancy new blog!!


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I have been dreaming and working for months and months to get myself a fancy new blog of my very own.  My friend Ashley of Pixel Lily has worked tirelessly with me to make it just what I was hoping for, and more.   I LOVE how it turned out and am SO excited to share it with you all at last!  Please take a look around and let me know what you think!!  I hope you love it too :)

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danielle says:

i think its super awesome :)

Elizabeth says:

Yay! It’s up! It looks fantastic!

Fancy…..FANCY! Keep up the awesome work!

Jeanette says:

Love it!! It’s such a fresh design!

Liz Wertzw says:

Aha, it works now! Krista, your new blog is BEAUTIFUL!

Shang says:

Awesome! Isn’t it great to have something that is exactly what you want?? Congrats to both of you guys for an amazing job!

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